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The Green Deal

The Green Deal is a UK government initiative designed to help meet the up-front cost of making homes more energy efficient.

The Green deal will allow consumers and businesses to install energy-efficiency measures and pay for the improvements through savings on the fuel bill. Although the costs will be repaid, this is not a conventional personal loan as the charge is attached to the meter and paid back through the electricity bill. The amount of finance that a Green Deal Provider can attach to a customer’s electricity bill will be limited by the Golden Rule principle, which essentially says that the repayments must never be more than the expected savings from the energy efficiency measure(s).

The Green Deal is designed to try to save you at least as much money as you will have to repay. However the actual level of your savings will depend on how much energy you use (e.g. to heat your home) and the cost of energy.

ECO (Energy Company Obligation)

ECO has been introduced, alongside the Green Deal Finance to give additional support to the domestic sector, where the Green Deal Finance savings are not enough. The low income, those on qualifying State Benefits, the most vulnerable households or hard to treat properties, such as solid wall properties are those that would typically qualify for this type of funding. Those who qualify would be able to install energy efficient measures at no cost!